Memories are like little treasures that fills your life with riches you can’t compare with anything material, but our minds are fallible and we forget. Making pictures changes that. I am a person of many feelings and emotions and not quite as many words to express them. When it comes to emotion, I often find that photography conveys it best. I love everything about photography, practically every genre. I love landscape photography, family photography, animals, portraiture, couple sessions, spontaneous, street, weddings, fashion, fine art photography… the list goes on.

People love to think you should pursue only one direction in life – that you should specialize in something. Well, whoever came up with the saying “jack of all trades, master of none” probably didn’t know what a happy guy jack was. Variety and change makes life interesting and exciting! Exploring the different areas in photography gives me great joy. I love taking a picture of the perfection of a rose, or the waves breaking onto a reef, or a baby’s tiny little hands. To see a scenario play itself out on the street, to witness the beauty and to capture it and share it with the world. To see beauty in a person when they never imagined it was there, to capture it and show it to them. This is what makes me happy.

Life is so varied and extensively beautiful – all of that authentic, raw beauty should be celebrated!

About Me

Hi! My name is Anneli and I am a mom to a little boy named Juwan. I’ve been married myself for 9 years and I’ve loved the same person for 15 years (half my life). The three of us currently reside in Cape Town, although we live a bit of a nomadic life and love the idea of travelling someday.

My passion for photography started pretty young. My parent’s have this little old suitcase they put all the old photographs in and I remember how awesome it felt to open it and dig through them – some are black and white pictures from my grandparents and others have the authentic vintage look (the real deal, classic 70s and 80s photography). My dad owned a film camera those days, a Mamiya that now no longer works and became part of my slow growing camera collection. He had quite the eye for it, I think – his pictures were great. I’m willing to bet that the original seed for my passion was probably planted here, with the looking at moments from the past that stirred a deep nostalgia in me. I deeply cherish the people I love and the times we spend together and I wish to make pictures of them and of these moments, so that one day when I’m old and gray (well probably a lot sooner than that) I can look back to remember. To feel that day again, to laugh, to love and maybe shed a tear or two.

I work as a Front End Developer full-time and do photography on the side. I am grateful that I have the ability and the opportunity to live out my passions!